Tangible Good

A chance conversation at a consignment store yesterday inspired me to add an extra blog post this week.

As I not-so-surreptitiously shot photos of a fake Botero bronze sculpture (more in a future post), two middle-aged sisters–funny, sharp, and full of spirit and bawdy humor–were talking in loud and laughing voices about clearing out their mother’s home.

I had to hand it to them: there was no trace of bitterness or sibling rivalry, just a cheeky respect for the dear departed, as if to say, “we could tell you an earful…but bless her, she’s in heaven now driving the angels crazy.”

The conversation moved into lessons learned, and I smiled to myself as I heard them agree that they will never require their own children to manage the disposal of their tons of stuff.  “Before that happens I’ll have given everything away,” Declared Sister #1.  More discrete nodding from the nosy…

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