In honor of my grandmothers at Thanksgiving. -KHD

Tangible Good

The necklace I am wearing today is so out it’s almost in (but not really). Two decorous rows of small pearls, the kind of thing girls in the forties might have worn for a graduation portrait or engagement announcement.

You can find and buy a necklace like it for a few hundred dollars any day of the week at any one of a thousand local estate auctions. Without some personal attachment, it’s just one more thing to liquidate on the way to settlement.  But mine is precious because it belonged to my grandmother.

In Sell Keep or Toss: How to Downsize a Home, Settle an Estate and Appraise Personal Property, Harry Rinker notes that “creating memories is the key to successfully passing a family heirloom to the next generation…If you want your family treasures to be treasured by the next generation, you need to create memories with them.  Use your…

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