Tangible Good

This meditation on a bank liquidation reminds us that you can’t take it with you.  But you don’t have to throw it away…

No Ordinary Auction by Bob Welch

 I once attended an auction that was no ordinary auction. The public could bid on unclaimed items that people had left behind in safe-deposit boxes. These items were once deemed so important that people paid money to have them safeguarded in steel.

 Diplomas, children’s report cards, letters….

 I remember how we shuffled along, past the coin collections and pocket watches and jewelry to documents and small items sealed in plastic bags.

 Boy Scout patches, receipts from a Waikiki hotel, a child’s crayon drawing of a bunny rabbit….

 It was all unclaimed property, waiting to be auctioned; the forgotten or overlooked possessions of owners now dead.

 Rosaries, letters, train tickets….

 Each bag was a mystery, the clues…

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