Reposting Tangible’s most popular piece, first published in August 2012. Spoiler Alert: these cast iron horseheads are made in China (be sure to read all the way to the comments at the end).

Tangible Good

 They say desire enters through the eye.  I first saw the horse head on AuctionZip, while browsing upcoming country auctions.  By the time I sat down in my reserved plastic folding chair for the all-day sale, I knew I had to have it.  Five hours and $250 later, it was mine.

The life-size (yes, life size) cast iron horse head measures 28 inches long and weighs at least 100 pounds.  Four holes in the lozenged back-plate are for masonry mounts.  That and the rusty patina suggest that it spent a lot of years outdoors, though there are plenty of ways of faking age.  Although deeply rusted, detailed modeling still shows through.  It makes a statement, to say the least.

So what could it be? Well, it’s possible it’s just a reproduction for the design and decorator trade.  But if it were genuine architectural salvage, here are a few possibilities.

  • Emblem…

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