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Tangible Good started with a phone call.  “I’m getting ready to retire and move out of state,” said the caller, a friend I’d known professionally for several years.  “I’ve got accountants telling what I have to live on.  I have an attorney helping me with my estate plan.  I have a realtor to help me sell my house.  But I have no idea what to do with the hundreds of things in the house, what they’re worth, whom to ask or where to start.  It’s paralyzing me.”

 As a professional auctioneer trained in the world’s leading auction house, I had valuable appraisal and selling expertise in the market for art and antiques.  As a fine art consultant I had close contacts with local, regional, national and international experts who could advise and serve my clients.  But even more valuable to my friend, as a member of the Sandwich Generation caring for aging parents and growing children, I have daily practical experience in the art of negotiating family dynamics during the times many people rate among the most stressful of their lives: retirement, downsizing, family death, inheritance, and generally navigating the dispersal of decades of accumulated property.

 I went over the next day.  Over lunch we talked about his priorities, what he wanted to leave to his kids, what he’d be glad for someone to take away.  I helped him identify the most valuable items in his collection and what prices they might command.  Armed with that knowledge, he began to be more confident in making informed decisions about what to keep, gift, and sell. I coached him through various sales options and shared my experience– personal and professional – with a range of appraisers, dealers and auctioneers who might handle his collection, from general household liquidators to highly stratified international specialists. 

 In the end I wrote up a basic sale plan which my friend-turned-client used as a roadmap to guide him through the process of ordering his personal property—his tangible goods

If you’ve ever found yourself confronting costly estate decisions and wondering where to start, I hope this blog will provide some useful tools to help you move forward with confidence. 

So, where do you want to start?

Tangible Good: We Value What Matters to You.